Reception to Year 2 (EYFS/Key Stage 1)

Children are expected to work on their KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) in school and at home. We now focus on one KIRF as a focus per half term for each year group, with all pupils focusing on the same KIRF. This will be reinforced and practised within school time during maths lessons and any other opportunities.

Pupils will now have a new, larger style KIRF ‘workbook’ which will give examples of how pupils can apply their KIRF skill once they have mastered the key facts to provide them with further challenge. These will be assessed three times throughout the half-term.

Each time they complete the KIRF correctly, they will get a tick and earn 10 housepoints. They can then apply their skills learnt through the mastery activities shown at the bottom of the KIRF page in your child's KIRF workbook.

Year 3 to Year 6 (Key Stage 2)

Children will now focus on KIRFs within normal classroom lessons (rather than at home) and instead, they will focus on Times Tables Rockstars to develop their rapid recall of times tables facts. Please see our section on Times Table Rockstars for further information.