Meet The Team

Staffing from January 2020

Executive Headteacher

  • Mr Richard Wright - Health and Safety, Special Needs (SENDCo), Safeguarding and Child Protection, PE and Sport

Deputy Headteacher

  • Miss Laura Thompson - Year 6 Teacher, Mathematics, French, Assessment and Standards

Senior Leadership Team 

  • Mrs Helen Wright - Early Years Foundation Stage Coordinator, ICT lead
  • Mrs Natasha Smith - Special Educational Needs and Inclusion (Peripatetic SENDCo)
  • Miss Joanne Wright - Literacy Coordinator


  • Mrs Helen Wright - Nursery Teacher 
  • Mrs Amy Downham / Mrs Spensley (from September 2019) -  Reception Teacher
  • Mrs Jane Lait and Mrs Fiona Hopley -  Year One
  • Miss Joanne Wright - Year Two  
  • Mrs Alison Hulse/Mrs Beccy King -Year Three
  • Mrs Jayne Drewery/ Mrs Samantha Ambrose - Year Four/Five
  • Miss Thompson - Year Six 

Classroom Support Staff (Higher Level Teaching Assistants/Advanced Teaching Assistants and General Teaching Assistants)

  • Miss Alison Murfin - Early Years
  • Mrs Sarah Walker - Early Years as well as Key Stage 1 and 2
  • Mrs Claire Carpenter - Early Years
  • Mrs Lisa Beck - Early Years
  • Mrs Heather Jackson - Early Years/Infant Years
  • Miss Shannon Shortreed - Early Years/Infant Years
  • Miss Rachel Wilson - Early Years/Infant Years 
  • Mrs Rachael Aldridge - Early Years/Infants
  • Mrs Jackie Woodrow - Infant Years
  • Mrs Diane Horsfall - Infant /Junior Years
  • Mrs Sarah Entwistle - Junior Years / STEM Leader 
  • Mrs Lisa Shepherd - Junior Years
  • Mrs Sarah Waugh - Junior Years
  • Miss Sacha Crossley - Junior Years
  • Mrs Cath Shortreed - Junior Years
  • Mrs Sally Anne Brown - Infant and Juniors

Support Staff

  • Mrs Jill Elliott/Mrs Rachel Ogden/Mrs Rachael Aldridge - Admin Office
  • Mrs Deb Ralph - Head Cook
  • Miss Sam Ralph, Miss Donna Taylor - Kitchen staff
  • Mrs Diane Horsfall - Senior Mid day Supervisor 
  • Mrs Sarah Waugh, Miss Shannon Shortreed, Miss Rachel Wilson - MSA Staff
  • Mrs Jackie Woodrow , Mrs Heather Jackson (Nursery lunch Club)

Special needs Intervention and Specialist Support Staff Roles

  • Mrs Lisa Shepherd, Miss Rachel Wilson, Mrs Cath Shortreed, Miss Wood, Miss Sacha Crossley

Extended Services (Breakfast Club, After School Club, Holiday Club)

  • Mrs Diane Horsfall, Mrs Cath Shortreed, Miss Shannon Shortreed, Mrs Lisa Shepherd, Miss Rachel Wilson, Miss Donna Taylor, Mrs Heather Jackson