New 'Positive Impact' Breakfast Complementary Club starts Monday 13th January 2020

Built around our already successful morning  club we will be offering a new complementary provision at no extra cost to all our participating families. The "Positive Impact Workshops"  will take place within the Breakfast Club normal session to offer workshops that promote mental health and proactively develop personal well being strategies.

The morning club will have 4 aspects and each will be explored through 10- 20-minute activities and will be delivered and designed by life coach Mr Patrick Illingworth, designed to target personal development, mental health and well being with the development of strategies to encourage a positive  growth mindset.

There four aspects covered will be:

  • "Wake Up and Shake Up" provision will be a combination of martial arts movements, stretching, breathing and balance. This will be fun energetic and involve chants and or musical accompaniment. 
  • "Brain Training": is an infusion of verbal and non-verbal reasoning puzzles, designed to get those neurons firing, problem-solving tasks will be gauged on age and over time members will progress through a series of fun challenges.
  • "Positive Thinking":  We will express gratitude for our experiences, display optimism for the school day ahead, whilst recognising how individual character strengths will help us overcome any obstacles the day has in-store.
  • "Mindfulness": After the fun and excitement,  mind and body will be calmed and focused, students will leave relaxed yet primed for the school-day . Emphasis will be placed on self-regulation, hard-work, kindness, and friendships.